Last month I went to a birthday party of my friend and met with all school time buddies after a long time, it was a nice time which I have been spent with my friends. One of them was talking about the dark knight trilogy, I have not watched that movie till that time and he showed me the trailer of that one and insisted me to go through that, so when I came back to home I downloaded the full movie and started watching.The Game With Grand Jackpot And Multiplier After watching I came to know that it was a movie of a superhero batman. Actually I have listened about the batman but not about that movie. I made many search on the net after watching that and got to know that it was an award winning movie and Australian classification for that one was awesome which can force anyone to watch that film.

While searching on the net about online casino Australia I got a pop up which was promoting a gambling site, I became so curios to know about that slot machine which was being offered by that website. At the next moment I opened that link which redirected me on a magical casino site which was consisting of many thrilling contests. The one which I had chosen was names like that movie which was The Dark Knight. Theme of that pokie was based on that trilogy.

It was the most popular pokie among all the new games including many features like jackpots, multipliers etc. it was a 243 ways poker machine in which the probability of winning is higher than other traditional slot machines. That one was consisting of an easy to understand interface for newbies like me. I played that one until I got fully satisfied and after 3 hours I left playing that one. During the play I won many small prizes which brought happiness to me in dribs and drabs.