There were a lot of skeptics when online casinos started to appear all over the internet. People couldn’t believe the possibility that online casinos could offer the same luxury and entertainment as an actual gaming room. Some people found it difficult to wrap their minds around the idea of a slot machine. They had to learn how to access online casino slots from their home.

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Slot Overview: Athena Ascending

Play’n GO’s online slot, Athena Ascending, features Athena, an Ancient Greek goddess of war, craft, and wisdom. This online slot is a sequel to Rise of Athena. If your initial thoughts were that it was a similar title similar game, then you would be right. The gameplay, looks, and atmosphere of both slots are very similar. Although the overall experience is similar, a few elements have been tweaked to increase the volatility/potential reward ratio.

Athena Ascending is similar to the previous game. Although the scenery has changed slightly, you can still see that they are related. The setting is more like a place in the middle of nowhere instead of feeling like you are visiting a temple hidden in the clouds. The partially transparent grid shows another temple-like backdrop with well-kept shrubbery and smokey braziers. Players can imagine themselves on the Acropolis looking up to enter the Parthenon temple, which was dedicated to Athena in the fifth century BC. It has a light, airy feel with a dramatic vocal soundtrack.

Rise of Athena used a moderately volatile math model. Athena Ascending boosts this setting, making it a ‘high’ classification or 7 of 10. As with Play’s GO, the RTP is variable. It reaches 96.2% at its highest point before dipping to various lower configurations depending on market conditions. Athena Ascending, a simple game to set up, is played on a 5-reel and 3-row matrix with 20 pay lines. This allows for winning combinations. Players can choose stakes from a budget-friendly 5-p/c to as high as PS/EUR100 per spin.

The appearance of the regular pay symbols has mostly stayed the same, but the line win values have been reduced. The lows are 10-A card royals in an SPQR-style design, while the high pay symbols include a scroll, urn and helmet, Pegasus, and Athena. The payouts are for three to five symbols, but two Athena symbols could be a win. Five low-pay symbols win worth 1x, while five premiums pay 2x-50x the stake.

Athena Ascending: Features in Slots

As with the previous game, Athena Ascending features are straightforward. They revolve around wild multipliers and free spins, whereas wilds can be semi-sticky. There is also a residual respins element.


Wilds can appear on reels 2, 3, or 4. They have a win multiplier value of x1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. This multiplier is applied to all wins they are part of. The multiplier values of more than one wild are multiplied to reach a maximum of x64.

Get Free Spins

The game’s scatter symbol, the owl is associated with Athena. The scatter symbol of the owl is Athena’s owl, which can be found on reels 4, 5, or 5, which awards five free spins and a payout of 1, 20x, 500x, or 500x. It falls off the grid when it comes to x4. Wild symbols stay on the reels until they reach x4. Sticky wilds get their multiplier value of +1 on every subsequent free spin. If sticky wilds are visible, respins will be awarded until there are no more wilds on the grid. The feature is not triggered if scatter symbols aren’t present on the reels.